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the pink slingshot manifesto

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Equality, my ass.

Let’s not mince words about the equality of access to resources in today’s America (and so-called Western world): it doesn’t exist.

And this initiative won’t bring it about either. But it will help, for some. And that’s where we start. But not where we finish.

Making a few businesses better and helping some people find meaningful work is not our aim here.

pink slingshot is an endeavor aimed at queer liberation, not rainbow capitalism.

Our aim is not to just help a few people of certain common demographics be better off, to better survive in–let alone contribute to and expand–an inherently oppressive system while unavoidably exploiting others in the process.

Our aims are to:

help as many queers as we can be in better position to create a better future for themselves and the people close to them

This is the immediate, achievable goal. We start where we are and we help each other up, give each other a shot, and share in our successes. Spread the wealth, a rising tide raises all ships, etc,. Etc., you get it. This is what gets us through, what gives us a chance to turn our attention to the future, to something bigger. Something beyond. What does “better future” mean? It means the greatest degree of autonomy, freedom, and solidarity possible. For ev-er-y-bo-dy.

prefigure a better future by supporting organizations and organizational models that help create and maintain better conditions right now

Prefiguration is about building the future now. It entails building the kinds of systems and models and organizations (and therefore the more equitable results of those organizations) we think would work in a more equitable and free future, right now, right here inside this ugly system we’ve inherited. We support small businesses committed to providing something of real value and taking care of their people, not just more businesses selling more shit people don’t need to people who can afford it so they can become those people too someday. We support cooperatives, worker-owned cooperatives in particular, as the best model for organizing a workplace for maximum autonomy, equality, and sustainability. And in absence of true democratic decision-making in organizations, we support worker unions and the orgs that welcome and support those unions. Of course, there’s a lot of education and support needed for us to get where we want to be, so we’re looking to work with and support non-profit organizations, collectives, and campaigns out to address social inequities, economic oppression, and the myriad other systemic issues we face. And we know that there are ways of doing things that we haven’t even thought of yet, and we must remain open to those expressions as well–particularly where they push back against ingrained norms, views, practices, and institutions.

undermine, disrupt, and dismantle the ideas, practices, and material conditions that contribute to our oppression–no matter how sacrosanct they seem in a given environment

We don’t believe that building new systems is enough. Power cedes nothing, and in order to create space for new things to exist, the old things must be exposed, weakened, and ultimately removed. So we will also put time, energy, and resources into just that: calling out oppression and unworkability, pointing out the inherent and systemic injustices and inequities built into the kyriarchy and all its manifestations, and confronting and dismantling its expressions and practices wherever we can. We must be both the jackhammer and the sprout rising through the crack in the concrete.

So yeah, big aims. And easier said than done (though not all that easily said either, tbh).

But we have to start somewhere.

So, as the saying goes, we do what we can, where we are, with what we have.

And where we are, is a few queers with big ideas in an industry with a lot of influence. In fact, it’s basically the influence industry.

So this is where we plant the seed.

We look to empower LGBTQIA people by helping create an equal access to resources for both organizations and upcoming/aspiring professionals, starting right where we are–in the area of strategy, communications, and marketing.

We’ll provide strategy and direction to propel impactful organizations forward, while connecting them with the skilled and like-minded people necessary to accomplish their aims, so we can take up our space individually, organizationally, and in community.

This is solidarity, not charity.

Mutual aid, not DEI-coded PR opportunism.

Insurgency, not “reform from within”.

We take care of each other, and rise together, with total autonomy.

And we grow a world worth having, right here in the dying shell of the old.

Want to join our little insurrection? Let’s conspire!

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