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You’re Not for Everybody: Own Your Voice and Find Your People

This is an important message to all our queer peeps.

The TLDR (and/or TLDW):

  • You are not for everybody, and that’s ok. Own it.
  • In fact, as a queer person in normative society, if you’re not actively making certain folks uncomfortable, you’re probably not being authentic to who you are.
  • Embracing and expressing your truest self (at this moment) will ultimately actually serve you, not hinder you. It will help you differentiate yourself in a sea of sameness, and that’s usually a good thing in the professional world–whether you’re trying to get hired, or promoted, or creating unique content, etc.
  • While you’re not for everybody, you are for somebody. There really is a workplace, environment, community out there that will not only tolerate you, but embrace you for who you are–and not just the “queer community” (though us too).

We are calling for you to own your queerness.

Own it as a strength, as an advantage, not as some anomalous weakness to be hidden, or overcome, or even tolerated.

Your visible and vocal queerness, along with what you’ve likely experienced as a result of it, give you a unique and broad perspective, an inherent resilience and courage, and a point of immediate differentiation in environments overrun by an appeal to bland, grey, jargon-laden cisheteropatriarchal normativity.

As the old saying goes, when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

The internet is already filled with milquetoast voiceless content. The labor market is already filled with jargon-spewing, self-aggrandizing, and entitled clones.

We’re not here to assimilate. we’re not here to join and blend into the professional world as it is and always has been.

Our mere authentic presence is a disruption to that, and so be it! Own it!

Let people be disrupted, and uncomfortable, and even contemptuous. If that’s their natural response to you being you, they’re not your people.

But your people, your place, is out there. There are workplaces and teams and environments that will not just tolerate you, but actively embrace you. We know. We’ve found some of ours.

But you can’t find the people that embrace you for you if you’re not being you. You can’t be embraced if you won’t be seen.

And we get it–we’ve all got plenty of reasons to not want to be really seen. To not want to expose ourselves to any more rejection, or hurt, or harm.

But–way more cases than you might think–it’s totally worth it.

Not sure? Reach out. That’s why we’re here.

You are beautiful and unique and have so much to offer. Own it. Rock it.

Thanks for checking us out!
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