We work directly with organizations owned and operated by LGBTQIA folks to provide strategy and direction to propel you forward, while connecting you with the skilled and like-minded people necessary to accomplish your aims.

We’ll work together over 6-8 weeks to craft a full brand strategy, captured in a branded document, including:

  • messaging foundation
    • brand positioning
    • brand promise
    • key ideas
  • brand persona
    • brand archetype
    • personality traits
    • tone of voice
  • ideal customer personas
  • OKR’s 
    • Objectives: overall strategic (growth/impact-related) aims going forward
    • Key Results: the metrics you’ll use to gauge success
    • Initiatives: the projects, campaigns, and resources required to do it

Given that strategy and overarching marketing/communications plan, we’ll evaluate your resources and identify any gaps capacity-wise (time/skills) in your ability to carry out your plan effectively.

People working on laptop

If you’re not in a position to fully employ experienced people or work with an agency or outside entity for what’s needed, we’ll connect you with a network of LGBTQIA professionals looking to showcase and sharpen their skills in a welcoming and mutually-beneficial environment, in the areas of graphic design, content/copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. From there, you can work out whatever arrangements make sense for both sides, given goals, needs, and situation.

And btw…

The point here
is solidarity,

not charity

Mutual aid,
not DEI-coded
PR opportunism.

We take care of each other, and rise together, with total autonomy.

So, unlike other initiatives we’ve seen where agencies–in all their privileged benevolence–require the participating companies to give up final approval rights on what gets created, and then tout the results in a transparent pat-ourselves-on-the-back campaign, if you don’t wanna use the messaging and/or strategy we’ve created together, that’s on you.


Qualifying organizations must

  1. be owned and operated by LGBTQIA+ folks (and the more intersectional, the better, as we’re looking to make the biggest impact possible, and that’s done by elevating the most marginalized people)
  2. be one of the following types of org:
    1. cooperative/collective (ideally worker-owned, and the more horizontal the better)
    2. social benefit/justice non-profit or campaign
    3. mission-driven small business (20 employees max) that provides a truly socially beneficial product or service
  3. be willing to share information relevant to the Brand Strategy process, and that information must be accurate (we’re not here to steal your secret sauce, poach your clients, or make fun of your numbers, we’re here to help you succeed–and to do that, we need to know what’s up)
  4. be open to input and ideas (we’re not gonna force a tagline on you, and we don’t want total deference, but we do expect openness, collaboration, and good faith)


  • Will you be doing a new logo? / Can I keep my logo?

    Logo and visual identity is not provided as part of this process. If you want a new logo, or through the process we realize it’s probably smart for you to refresh your visual brand identity, we can certainly connect you with the required resources to do that.

  • We’re a small team, how will we execute on the plan?

    The best plan is the one that actually gets carried out, so we’ll be laying out your OKRs and recommended initiatives with your situation and circumstances in mind, not just laying out best practices or ideal scenarios.

  • What are our odds of getting picked/helped?

    Not exactly sure, tbh. We’ll be working with one brand every couple months, chosen according to the criteria given and potential impact (whether breadth or depth), so the actual odds depend on how many orgs apply.

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