We’re assembling available LGBTQIA+ professionals in design, writing, and marketing who

  • are looking to gain skills and/or experience
  • want to connect with, work with, and support folks like them
  • are willing to work out unique arrangements with pink slingshot clients (LGBTQIA-owned-and-operated small businesses and orgs) on a case-by-case basis, factoring in circumstances like the org’s situation (needs, resources, etc.), and the professional’s situation (skills, needs, aims, resources, etc.)

Maybe you’re just getting started or trying to build your portfolio, or maybe you’ve been doing work for years but just don’t have the “traditional” experience or education that companies and agencies often look for, or maybe your transition has left you in a different spot with employers than you’re used to…

Or maybe you–like us–just want to do whatever you can to propel other queers forward and generally advance The Gay/Trans Agenda™…

If this sounds like you,

and you’ve got some chops in one or more of these functions,
double-check the criteria below and then submit an application!

  • Graphic Design
  • Web/UX Design or Development
  • Copywriting/Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Community
  • Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM/Google Ads
  • Paid Media (social, digital, traditional)
  • CRM management


Qualified candidates must

  1. be LGBTQIA+
  2. be willing to work out unique arrangements on a case-by-case basis with pink slingshot client orgs, running a range from
    1. contributing free work at times as willing,
    2. negotiating special project/contract rates and agreements,
    3. full-rate employment/contracting, depending on circumstantial factors like the org’s situation (needs, resources, etc.), and the professional’s situation (skills, needs, aims, resources, etc.).


  • What happens after I apply?

    Assuming you’re vetted and ok’d to be in the group, you’ll be notified of that, and then your profile and info will be added to the Pros section of our Resources area. Then participating orgs can check out your info and reach out if they see a potential fit. In some cases we will make introductions/recommendations to orgs directly based on needs discovered in the brand strategy process.

  • What kind of skill/experience/education level do I need to qualify?

    Honestly, not much. I mean, if you’re applying as a designer and you have no experience, training, or even work to show (like a portfolio of volunteer stuff even), then yeah nobody is likely to take you on as a partner or contractor. But if you have something to show, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot or it’s “nontraditional” (like a social media marketer showing a friend’s small business’s Instagram page that they helped grow and monetize), bring it on. The whole point here is to elevate folks that might not have gotten as good a chance otherwise, and to connect our community.

  • Will I have to work for free?

    No. First, you won’t have to do anything. Anything that happens between you and an org will be decided mutually. You only have to be open to creating a unique arrangement that is mutually beneficial and makes sense given yours and the org’s situation, goals, and needs.

ready to join the community?

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