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We’re Stronger Together: Find or Create Your Community

The TLDR (and/or TLDW):

  • Just like they said in A Bug’s Life, we’re stronger together.
  • It’s easy to feel like an outsider and like you’re on your own, but you’re actually part of an “us”.
  • There are communities and networks that already exist, like pink slingshot, Trans Rally, and many many others, but you may want or need to create your own. And you definitely can.
  • It doesn’t have to be specifically a “queer community”. Sometimes the best networking happens when what’s bringing you together is something adjacent or even unrelated to what you’re seeking, like hobbies, volunteering, etc.

You already know the benefits of community.

Even if you haven’t really felt them yourself too much, you’ve seen others enjoy them.

And maybe that wasn’t a great feeling. It’s not fun always being an the outside. Never being “in the club”. Always you vs them.

But you do have an “us”.

We’re waiting for you.

Maybe it’s an a community or network that already exists, like Trans Rally or pink slingshot, or a chat group, or a local meetup.

Or maybe you have to help create one.

But it’s there, to be found or made. Your people.

Maybe it’s not even specifically a “queer community” that you find your people through.

Maybe it’s while you’re volunteering or gaming or going to a show or attending a kink event, who knows.

Whether it’s queer community, dating, professional networking or any kind of attempted connection really, it can be very helpful to have and pursue other hobbies and interests and activities–and the events and opportunities that come from them.

Amazing and unexpected connections can come from engaging with others around shared values and interests. And of course having interests and acting on them by itself creates a level of fulfillment in yourself and interest from others.

So yes, even though the communities and networks and “clubs” that you’ve always been aware of have largely left you out, you do have a place.

You do have people.

You do have “us”.

We’ve been waiting for you.

Together, we rise.


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